Property Maintenance Tips to Save Landlords Money!

As a landlord, saving money is front of mind. Property repairs can see landlords unexpectedly spend small fortunes of repairing and replacing parts which could’ve been prevented with regular property maintenance checks.

1. Arrange routine property maintenance inspections and works, to keep your property in prime condition. Many property maintenance problems go unnoticed and therefore aren’t reported. Regular inspections allow you to identify problems and fix them before they become a bigger problem and potentially more expensive to fix.

2. Carry out regular inspections of smoke detectors, fire alarm systems and other fire safety items and keep a record of their condition. In the case of any potential insurance claims or uncertainties at the end of tenancy, a paper trail of all visits and repairs will prove vital.

3. Check the contractors that you use for all of your property maintenance works. Ensure they’re qualified and experienced to carry out the required work. Keep a copy of all guarantees/warranties and ensure you’re happy with the completed works!

4. When renovation work is being carried out, ensure all appliances and workings are easily accessible for future repairs.

5. Schedule in a winter property maintenance inspection to make sure your property is watertight ahead of winter. Remember to check roof tiles for any missing tiles or loose fitting, brickwork for any gaps where water could enter. Ensure all gutters and drains are cleared and in good condition to prevent build up so water can flow during the winter months.

Our team provide a one-stop-shop for property maintenance services on a national basis. Our services include; General Maintenance, Plumbing & Heating, Electrical, Painting & Decorating, Property Renovation, Cleaning, Home Furnishings, Pest Control and Emergency Response to both residential and commercial properties across the UK.

Contact us today on 0845 600 8112, to discuss your property maintenance requirements to help keep costs to a minimum.

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