Landlords - What is your gas safe responsibility?

Did you know that in the last five years, the gas safe register has found dangerous gas appliances in one of six homes from the 142,000 homes that were inspected? As a result of these dangerous appliances, 6 deaths and 300 injuries were recorded in the last year alone. (source: Gas Safe Register)

Many landlords are still guilty of not fulfilling their obligations of ensuring the gas safety of their properties and of their tenants, despite the law stating that they could face fines or even imprisonment.

One of the questions our team get asked the most is “What are my responsibilities regarding gas safety as a landlord?”

As a landlord, the law states you must:

  • Maintain the pipework, flues and gas appliances and keep them in a safe condition

  • Ensure an annual gas safety check is completed for all gas appliances and flues

  • Keep a record of gas safety checks

  • Provide a copy of the gas safety record to your tenants

  • Ensure the check is conducted by a Gas Safe Registered engineer

Failure to undertake an annual gas safe inspection can see a landlord facing fines or imprisonment. As a landlord, you must provide your tenant with a copy of the gas safe certificate within 28 days of the inspection being completed.

Not only is the landlord responsible for the annual gas safety checks, they are responsible for the maintenance of the pipework, flues and appliances, ensuring they are kept in a safe condition. This includes servicing and any repairs that have to be done.

We advise landlords to keep up to date with their gas safety responsibilities by signing up to notifications like the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) eBulletin, to keep one step ahead of any obligations to landlords surrounding gas safety.

For more information on gas safety, or to enquire about booking a gas safety certificate, contact our team on 0845 600 8112 or email

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