How to improve your properties Kerb appeal

Preparing to sell or rent your property? Your home’s kerb appeal plays an important part in the selling or renting of your property.

There are a range of simple ways to help your property increase in value and give the best first impression to potential tenants, buyers and passers-by.

We’ve taken time to put together some tips on how to help you improve your home’s kerb appeal.

Tip 1: Revamp your front door

Barbara Corcoran once said: “Buyers decide in the first eight seconds of seeing a home if they're interested in buying it”. Your front door is the first chance for you to make a statement to potential buyers and tenants and may determine whether their first impressions are the right ones.

Want to quickly improve your front door? Re-finish the door with a fresh coat of paint and polish any door fixtures to remove the rust and dirty spots to make the door look new. Why not try changing the colour of the door to add a bit of character to your property?!

Tip 2: Windows and paintwork

You don’t need to replace all of your properties windows to increase the value of your property. A quick clean and wipe down can improve the appearance of your windows and removing any dirt, dust will leave your home looking brighter and more inviting.

Repainting any surrounding woodwork and windows will restore the condition of your windows and freshen up the exterior of the property, without costing a fortune.

Tip 3: Tidy the pathway

A quick and easy way to boost the kerb appeal of your home is by keeping your pathways immaculate. Remove dirt and stains from your pathway through jet washing for a quick revival. Think about clearing away weeds and replacing a damaged paving slabs to not only improve the appearance, but to make the property safer for potential viewers.

Tip 4: Spruce up your Exterior

A well-maintained exterior will make a house look well cared for and buyers will then assume this means a well-kept interior improving first impressions.

A simple trim back of over grown turf, shrubs and trees will improve the properties charm and potentially the perceived value of your home. Remember to remove unwanted weeds early on, before their roots grow too deep or spread.

Quick fixes to the exterior of your building could include hanging baskets and flowerpots either side of the front door which is a cheaper alternative to changing the current landscaping.

On the day of the viewing, remember to hide your bins! Bins can be an unsightly garden accessory. Hiding your bins on the day of the viewing will make the exterior of your property more aesthetically pleasing, improving the potential buyers/renter’s impressions.

Tip 5: Fix broken gutters, gates and fences

Broken or damaged gutters, gates or fencing will immediately reduce the value of your property and decrease the likelihood of someone wanting to buy or rent it.

Taking time to tackle these jobs will not only improve the condition of the exterior of your property but it could attract new potential buyers or tenants. A fresh coat of paint can quickly improve the visual appearance of gates and fences without costing too much.

Struggling for time to make these changes? Contact our team of experts on 0845 600 8112 or today to find out how we can help!

Have you got any tips that can help sell or let a property? We’d love to hear them! Pop your comments in the comment box below.

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