Following on from the announcement issued by the Government on 23rd March 2020 relating to the restrictions now in place as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Our business culture has always been to put the Health, Safety and Welfare of our people and our customers first, therefore we have made a number of changes within our business to ensure support the Government and the Country in reducing the spread of the virus and supporting our NHS and other front line services. 


  • We have immediately transferred all support staff at our central hub in Liverpool to home working, they will be available to support on their normal email addresses and mobile telephone numbers

  • Our Customer Response Centre has been transitioned to home working and customers can contact the usual support number 0845 600 8112 to speak to our team.   

  • All planned work activity has ceased with immediate effect to focus our resources on the most on Emergency requests and vulnerable customers. Therefore, in order to protect our people and our customers we will only be accepting emergency response requests which can be requested through Customer Contact Centre

What is an Emergency?

We will be responding to incidents where for loss of water, gas, power, failure of a critical appliance (such as fridge or cooker), incidents which put the Health, Safety and Welfare of our customers at risk or make their properties uninhabitable. Our Customer Care team will be able to advise you as to whether we class a request as an Emergency. 

What if someone in my household is self-isolating?

Our Customer Care team will discuss this with you during your request to identify if it is safe for our engineers to visit your property.


What measures do you have in place to help prevent the spread of infection during a visit?

  • Our engineers will wash their hands and be wearing latex protective gloves before the enter your property. They also carry stocks of hand gel and antibacterial wipes. 

  • Engineers will no longer require you to sign their tablets to confirm they have visited the property and will sign on your behalf. 

  • Our Engineers will ALWAYS remain 2 meters away from you during the visit and we ask that no family members enter the room where the engineer is working during the visit (if this is possible). 

The UK Government is updating it's advice to citizens and businesses on a daily basis. Our leadership team hold a daily CoVid-19 video conference to discuss any updated advice and we will update this page with any changes our business is making to support this advice.

If you require any further information please contact your Customer Care Manager or call 0845 600 8112


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