The Company, along with many other businesses, has been significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and as a result of this impact, and to follow the UK Governments advice the Directors have took a decision to suspend all non essential / emergency trading activity which has resulted in us putting a significant number of support staff and operational employees on furlough. 


This will have some impact on our ability to respond to queries from our supply chain and you will experience delays in receiving payments from us. This is as a direct result of our support team largely being on furlough and the delays, we are experiencing in receiving payments from our customers. 


This should not be taken in any way as a risk that you will not receive payment for approved invoices, the company has strong financial backing and we are totally committed to supporting our supply chain during this period


These are unprecedented times for us all and we would ask you to work with us over the coming weeks whilst we work through any outstanding issues. 


In the mean time we have set up a dedicated email address, covid19@dargogroup.co.uk, for any queries that our partners make have and we would ask you to forward any questions, queries or requests relating to payment to this email address. 

Best wishes to you and your families, stay safe.

Dave Dargan

CEO | Dargo Group